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A/L Management
Bond Accounting & Safekeeping

Take the Guesswork Out of Balance Sheet Management

We recognize that community financial institutions need access to the same balance sheet and portfolio management expertise employed by the larger institutions. Our team of over 45 dedicated professionals will serve as your conduit to the capital markets, assisting banks in managing day-to-day balance sheet needs both efficiently and competitively. We have the longevity, expertise, and ingenuity to provide the highest service level, backed by systems and proprietary technology, featuring Insight, unsurpassed by any other investment provider.

Bond Trades

We view the bond portfolio as a critical component of the balance sheet. Not only is it a key source for earnings, but it's also used for liquidity and is an important player in the asset-liability position of the bank. That's why we view ourselves as more than just a salesperson; we consider your earnings and AL goals and liquidity issues in every bond trade we recommend and execute.

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Bond Accounting & Safekeeping

Bond Accounting is one of those critical but often overlooked services. It's often only noticed when something goes awry. Your frustration with vendor-supplied software led us to develop, Insight, our own bond accounting system integrated with the safekeeping and bond trading platforms for a seamless interface across these critical areas. Finally, and most importantly, we have experienced and talented personnel who can assist from account set-up to monthly processing questions.

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Asset / Liability Management

Asset / Liability Management is an intricate task combining deep knowledge of the component pieces of the balance sheet, the dynamics that act on those pieces, and estimating and measuring the effect on the risk position and earnings of the bank. We have the modeling tools, but more importantly, we have experienced and talented personnel to help guide your AL management from initial set-up to monthly reporting and every step in between.

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Brokered CDs

With rates at or near all-time lows, attracting low-cost deposits may not seem that challenging but getting local depositors to lock money away for several years in this low rate environment is indeed a challenge. Never has it been more cost-effective to book long-term deposits at these super attractive levels. Fortunately, the brokered deposit market can provide you the platform to achieve your long-term funding goals even if your local depositors balk at locking their money away for more than a year. Look to our seasoned funding professionals to fill your funding requests, whether large or small.

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Duncan Williams Acquisition

In February of 2021, we doubled our commitment to correspondent banking with the acquisition of Duncan Williams, Inc., a family-owned broker-dealer out of Memphis, Tennessee. Duncan Williams is a firm with a 50-year history, and a large, diversified customer base. Duncan Williams offers debt capital markets services to both institutional and retail clients along with helping public and private entities raise the capital they need. We’re excited to partner with them to help you compete in an ever-changing banking world.

Market Insights & Commentary

Tom Fitzgerald
Director of Research & Strategy

Market commentary and research articles on the overall economy as well as opportunities and risks in the fixed income markets with a focus on helping your bank meet its earnings objectives.