Help us, help you. It is budget and strategic planning season, and many banks have asked for this data in order to help calibrate their bank.

We are asking about your expected budgets, views on the economy, prospects for growth, and the most significant challenges. We are looking for your thoughts on the future of banking.

The below survey sets out to answer these questions and more… with your help!

The survey, for bank and credit union executives, managers, and directors in the US, comprises only 12 questions, plus four background questions, and will take less than 6 minutes to complete. As a thank you for participating, you’ll receive a complimentary report summary of the valuable findings and some data from our other recent surveys.

SouthState Bank and CS Consulting Group have created this survey and will collect the results. Be assured that your identity and answers will remain confidential, and the data will be only aggregated for analysis. The survey will remain open until Nov. 11th.

Thank you for participating and measuring the future pulse of banking executives and directors. We are genuinely appreciative of your attention.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey now by clicking on the link below:

Or you can use the QR Code:

Future Forces QR Code

Tags: Published: 10/27/22 by Chris Nichols