Bank Earns Floating Rate
Customer Pays Fixed Rate
No Complicated Swap to Manage

Provide Long-Term Fixed Rate Loans While Earning a Floating Rate

Provide Long-Term Fixed Rates while Earning a Floating Rate

*At closing, we fix the note for your borrower with a simple 4-page client addendum written in simple terms.

Generate Fee Income

Earn up to 2% of the loan amount that you can recognize as income immediately. Paid to you from us as an ARC referral fee.

Reduce Your Bank's Risks

Reduce credit risk by stabilizing your borrower’s DSCR with a long-term fixed rate. Mitigate your bank’s interest rate risk with a floating rate loan, helping to stabilize net-interest margin.

No Cost to Use the Program... ever!

There is no cost to sign up for the program and no cost when you book an ARC loan.

*Assumable Rate Conversion (ARC) loans are subject to approval by the client bank

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All the Benefits of a Traditional Swap Without the Headaches

Fee Generation
Swap/Hedge Portability
Hedges for Unique Structures
No Hedge Accounting or Reporting not checked
No ISDA Documentation for Bank or Borrower not checked
No Cash Collateral not checked

  • Eliminates the requirement for your loan officers to explain a complex transaction
  • Puts SouthState’s capabilities to work for you, giving your bank the marketing, sales, data and pricing support to better compete in today's landscape
  • Training provided to all of your lenders
  • The SouthState ARC team can meet in-person with your borrowers anytime

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