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Are Your Bankers Mispricing Loans?

54% of banks surveyed DO NOT have a loan pricing model. Mispriced loans create negative returns over the life of those loans. Loan Command helps your whole bank use a common framework to work together to achieve its goals.


Loan Profitability Calculated Simply with Loan Command

Banks that are serious about improving profitability need to consider risk and costs to target their desired risk-adjusted returns. Loan Command helps the whole bank utilize a common framework to work together to achieve their goals. This simple-to-use model considers loans, deposits, and fees to provide a clear view of the customer relationship. Give your lenders, relationship managers, and management the power of advanced loan analytics in one simple package.

Metrics That Matter

Going after net interest margin is a mistake. Loan Command lets you focus on what really matters - risk-adjusted ROE.

Customized Intelligence

Loan Command is completely customized to your bank and learns how you do your business.

Metric & Pipeline Management

In addition to pricing relationships, Loan Command tracks individual calling officer's goals, metrics, portfolio and pipeline.

The Whole Relationship

Loans, deposits and fees - they all get included.

Look Forward

Stop looking backwards - Loan Command looks forward to take into account the future of interest rates, costs and credit.

Everywhere You Are

For the PC, Mac plus apps for tablets and smartphones.


Start making the right loans and more profits with Loan Command.

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