A $300M community bank in Georgia has been the cornerstone of their town for over 60 years. They have always run a sound bank in terms of credit quality, but growth has never been a priority. As a result, this sleepy little bank has never lived up to its enormous potential.

The Bank....
Sound Credit
Pillar of Community
Not Growing


The current CEO is retiring, and the board decides it’s time to kick into growth gear. They hire a new CEO from the outside to replace their outgoing leader.

The New Direction: Icon

The New Direction:

Grow Loans & Deposits Icon

Grow Loans & Deposits

Increase Profitability Icon

Increase Profitability

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Keep Credit Clean


In search of new ways to both attract deposits, grow loans, and increase fee income, the CEO knows where to look. Having used ARC at a previous bank, he immediately equips the bank’s lenders with the program — and sees big results!


New Loans:<br> $30M  Icon
New Loans:
New Deposits:<br> $10M  Icon
New Deposits:
Fee Income: <br> $450,000  Icon
Fee Income:

Today the bank is over $500M in assets. ARC has played a key role in generating new loans, while fostering a new culture that is always looking to adapt, grow, and innovate their way to success.

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