Being able to adapt and pivot is the hallmark of success in 2020. There are many new skills that we picked up, how to work various video conferencing applications, how to do remote check-ins, and, of course, how to run your entire bank from your home dining room table. One skill that still can use some work is our approach to training, coaching, and conversations. A recent survey of bankers showed that 95% of us are doing some remote conversations, but 0% of us were never trained in this new medium.  This paradigm has forever changed. In this article, we discuss this and if you are a financial institution, invite you to join us on one of our upcoming relationship manager training focusing on how to improve your remote selling and coaching skills.

What Skills Are Needed

The reality is that selling and managing in person is not the same as doing over a video call. By now, everyone has the basics of conducting a team meeting or conversation with a customer using Zoom, WebEx, Meets, Teams, or other platforms. You have figured out your audio, where your mute button is, and likely even how to change your background. The next step is how to excel.

Join us and Jack Hubbard, Chief Experience Officer of St. Meyer & Hubbard, for this practical, fast-paced look at several key considerations needed to experience breakout results as our virtual environments continue into 2021. Jack will introduce:

  • Trust-based selling  – what the 5Cs have to do with it
  • Let’s Get Technical – being web software savvy without an IT degree.
  • Virtual Business Development – preparation, execution and follow up on the 12X8 screen
  • Virtual Learning – skilling up wherever the office is
  • TeamBoarding – reducing buyer’s remorse through a disciplined, remote welcoming process
  • Resource Management – what buyers expect and deserve
  • Performance Leadership – sustaining the effort and making it cultural

CEOs, senior executives, team leaders, relationship managers, lenders, and producers in every area;  invest one hour with us on November 17th at 1pm ET. When 2021 arrives, you‘ll be glad you did.

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You likely have some large goals to hit next year and have not changed your sales, coaching and leadership training to adjust to remote sales and sales management. Don’t miss this free training and give your financial institution an advantage in 2021.

Tags: Published: 11/09/20 by Chris Nichols