For any bank using Salesforce and/or nCino as their CRM and loan origination platform, respectively, or if you are considering those platforms, we would love to exchange best practice ideas with you. We will be holding an in-person roundtable session at the upcoming S&P Global Community Bank Conference 2022 at the Four Seasons Resort and Club at Las Colinas (Dallas) on May 16th at 3pm.

If you are not already registered for the conference, check out the agenda, and go HERE. If you are registered, standby and you will receive an email to update your registration.

At the 90-minute session, we look to cover best practices from a business line and strategic point of view. You will hear where banks are in their journey, mistakes to avoid and best practices to emulate. While system administrators are welcomed, the roundtable is designed for the executive manager or business line owner that manages these platforms.

Tags: Published: 04/07/22 by Chris Nichols