How to Win & Retain More Profitable Customers

If you’re a community bank lender or executive in Ohio, you’re invited to our lender lunch in Columbus on June 13th.

You’ll learn how our team at SouthState Bank and other regional competitors are doing the following:

  1. Refinance existing clients to lower the borrower’s rate, increase NIM, and generate fee income

  2. Take advantage of the current inverted yield curve to acquire and retain quality borrowers

  3. Update and discuss pricing, local credit trends and commercial loan structuring strategies

  4. Leverage lending to drive deposit and treasury management growth

Let us buy you lunch and show you the latest area-specific loan pricing, structuring, and credit data to help you win more profitable customers and retain the customers you want. Every bank is preparing for a recession while trying to increase net interest margin and fee income. We will provide you with some tools and tactics to accomplish these goals. You’ll also gain access to an exclusive commercial real estate report on the Ohio region.   

Location: Hotel LeVeque

Address: 50 W Broad Street Columbus, OH 43215

Meet the Speakers

Chris Nichols
Director of Capital Markets
Ed Kofman
Managing Director of Loan Sales and Trading
Russ Smith
Managing Director - ARC Program
SouthState Bank is a leading regional bank in the Southeast ($45B in assets) with a national corresponding banking presence of over 1,200 institutional clients. SouthState’s Correspondent Division equips community banks with the resources they need to compete and succeed — through loan hedging, fixed income products, payment solutions, and more.